The artwork is now live to download for iOS devices ( iPad, iPhone, iPod touch )


Can you help us with the extra costs we are seeking for an Android build of Apparitions ? Then click here for a fast way to make a donation by the usual Paypal accepted methods :
Your donation can massively speed up the time it will take us since launching the iOS version free.  If you are a private individual or local business and you would like to support the completion of Apparitions with the identical Android build then please donate, any amount will help us release this sooner for you and the wider audience.

We are seeking commissions – do you want us to make an Apparition for your business or embroider your story into augmented reality ?

If you are a commercial patrons and would like to be promoted we can add your logo into the splash screen, or you can remain anonymous if you prefer. Apparitions can be accessed by all iOS running system 10 and above and Android smartphones running system 7 or above to be capable of AR. I have many more sites planned too, drop me a line if you have a suggestion for somewhere you think will work eg : The Cricket ground, Castle.

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