Imagining a false nostalgia

St Leonards Pier (1891-1951) – come visit us for a pa-rom-pe pom-pe pom and a ‘rinkey dinkey parley vous’  in these anachronistic soundscapes triggered with each postcard. This was the more sophisticated pier, with a ‘Kursaal’ and a skating rink, who would you meet, under the electric lights along this 960 ft long promenade?

Artboard 1

Apparitions is new artwork, employing ‘augmented reality’ to deliver alternate and hauntological versions of sites you have never visited, perhaps already you miss them dearly.

Don’t miss out –  just sign up here and we will email you the download link for the iOS app (free) as soon as it is available.. public release date 01.09.18 – Android is planned too.


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