10.11.18 History House artist’s talk & demonstrations

I will give a talk at 5.15pm (£3 donation to OHPS on door)  about the memories uncovered in the work and how it developed followed by assisted demonstrations on our equipment for everyone. Do bring your iPads and iPhones too as we can show you how to download, install and navigate the art experience. Heres the facebook event page

Limited capacity to please arrive promptly for seating as no tickets or reservations possible. Doors at 5pm, Old Hastings History Centre, 21 Courthouse Street, TN34 3 Hastings, East Sussex


new locations to collect Apparitions

Memorial from the MemorialNew locations to collect trigger postcards from :
Hastings Council Tourist Information Centre,
and in the Old town The Fishermens Museum.

@apparitions_art https://www.instagram.com/p/BneRxhFAqgx/?utm_source=ig_web_options_share_sheet



Click to see a map showing where to collect the free postcards:
Hastings Tourist Information Centre, Breeds Place,TN34 3UY
Hastings Fishermens museum, Rock-A-Nore Rd, Hastings TN34 3DW
The Crown 64-66 All Saints’ St, Hastings TN34 3BN
Hastings Museum (closed Mondays), Bohemia Road, Hastings, TN34 1ET
Hastings Library, 1st floor,  Brassey Institute, 13, Claremont, Hastings TN34 1HE
Borough Wines and Books, 34 Robertson St, Hastings TN34 1HT
The Royal Victoria Hotel, Marina, St Leonards, TN38 0BD
Source Park (cafe Bar in underground skate park ), White Rock, Hastings, TN34 1JL

commission & donate options added


Can you help us with the extra costs we are seeking for an Android build of Apparitions ? Click here for a fast way to make a donation by the usual Paypal accepted methods :
Your donation can massively speed up the time it will take us since launching the iOS version free.  If you are a private individual or local business and you would like to support the completion of Apparitions with the identical Android build then please donate, any amount will help us release this sooner for you and the wider audience.

We are seeking commissions – do you want us to make an Apparition for your business or embroider your story into augmented reality ?

36035361_10160650863115525_3359720545045184512_nIf you are a local business owner and would like to be a patron we can  promote you too, we can add your logo into the app’s loading or splash screen, or you can remain anonymous if you prefer. Apparitions can be accessed by all iOS running system 10 and above and Android smartphones running system 7 or above to be capable of AR. I have many more sites planned too, drop me a line if you have a suggestion for somewhere you think will work eg : The Cricket ground, Castle


Download Apparitions Press release here

High-resolution images of the artworks can be downloaded at the following link: www.dropbox.com/sh/qz6bb3561k2aztc/AADys3XuIAwWf-WxaQo2B-wYa?dl=0

Send us a message :
Callum Sulsh – manager@apparitions.site
Research & Development manager

Luciana Haill –  artist@apparitions.site
Artist & Creative Director


Hello everyone, I’d like you to be able to experience the parts of Hastings & St Leonards which are no longer here – I call this artwork Apparitions ART combining an augmented reality app and special vintage trigger postcards I’ve distributed free in display stands between old town and St Leonards, so do pop along to The Crown Hastings in All Saints street, or any of these places to collect your free postcards :


Royal Victoria Hotel, Marina, St Leonards, TN38 0BD
Source Park ( underground skate park ), White Rock, Hastings, TN34 1JL
Borough Wines Beers and Books, 34 Robertson St, Hastings TN34 1HT
HBC Hastings Museum & Art Gallery (closed Mondays), Bohemia Road, Hastings, TN34 1ET
Hastings Library, Brassey Institute, 13, Claremont, Hastings TN34 1HE
OnTheRocks 4 Claremont, Hastings TN34 1H
You can download the free app here :
And if you cant reach these places just yet, you can print the trigger images needed from here :
I hope you get creative and Enjoy ! Please do Tag any photos you make in ironic or postmodern recreations.. we are using #Apparitions_Art for instagram.

Press release for Apparitions

Download Apparitions Press release here



Editors Notes

* Download the app for iOS (iPhones &  iPad) at http://www.apparations.site or via the App Store https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/apparitions-ar/id1431496591?mt=8

* For interviews and further information, contact: artist@apparitions.site or +44 (0)7973286094

* High-resolution images of the artworks can be downloaded at the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qz6bb3561k2aztc/AADys3XuIAwWf-WxaQo2B-wYa?dl=0

nostalgia for a lost future

Apparitions – a smartphone app that transcends a purely informational use, 3 lost sites reappear with a physical presence anchored to 3 surreal soundtracks, each travelling through time – creating a nostalgia for a lost future.

I am fascinated by the relationship of history, new technologies, memory & dreams. I have researched & collected images of lost landmarks. In my new artworks #Apparitions these augmented reality landmarks are like ghosts which Smartphones can allow us to see. #AR #heritage

The Alley, Hastings – Rock Alley debut of Apparitions ‘AR’ artworks

Apparitions : Alley ( kindly supported by The Alley Association )
This afternoon event invites the general public of all ages to experience Apparitions in the entrance to the alley. This is local artist Luciana Haill’s augmented reality Artwork involving a bespoke iOS application. The public are invited to engage with a long ago demolished piece of architecture that stood in the centre of town where Robertson Street meets Carlisle parade, on the boundary with the America Ground. The 3D model created by a local architectural designer appears to float using ͚augmented reality͛ when looking through the camera application of an iPhone or iPad. It is an immersive experience with an accompanying soundtrack, encouraging a new audience to absorb forgotten histories of Hastings and St Leonards. We have plenty of technology to demonstrate on, don’t worry what smartphone you have, use some of ours.
1pm-5pm The Alley (Rock Alley), Claremont, opposite Printworks, Hastings.
more information / latest updates here