The Alley, Hastings – Rock Alley debut of Apparitions ‘AR’ artworks

Apparitions : Alley ( kindly supported by The Alley Association )
This afternoon event invites the general public of all ages to experience Apparitions in the entrance to the alley. This is local artist Luciana Haill’s augmented reality Artwork involving a bespoke iOS application. The public are invited to engage with a long ago demolished piece of architecture that stood in the centre of town where Robertson Street meets Carlisle parade, on the boundary with the America Ground. The 3D model created by a local architectural designer appears to float using ͚augmented reality͛ when looking through the camera application of an iPhone or iPad. It is an immersive experience with an accompanying soundtrack, encouraging a new audience to absorb forgotten histories of Hastings and St Leonards. We have plenty of technology to demonstrate on, don’t worry what smartphone you have, use some of ours.
1pm-5pm The Alley (Rock Alley), Claremont, opposite Printworks, Hastings.
more information / latest updates here



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