GoFundMe : to recreate ‘Priory Meadow Cricket Ground’ of Hastings ( 1864-1996) in 3D with immersive soundtracks

I will recreate ‘Priory Meadow Cricket Ground’ of  Hastings ( 1864-1996) in 3D with immersive soundtracks, using augmented reality* triggered when viewing special vintage postcards, the experience will happen on all smartphones & all of it will be distributed free. If you fund this project you will be helping me to preserve amazing lost local heritage in digital art for many other people to continue enjoying nostalgic landmarks, and for many generations to come.


Smartphones are ubiquitous tools and I have already released an app designed with professional legacy in mind, like a museum in your pocket. Costs include new site build, hosting & maintenance, it will not expire after a year or two.
Click here to view campaign and donate

If you have content eg: memories to be recorded, photographs, old cine movie or video footage of Priory Meadow Cricket ground events you would like to submit to me for inclusion in the project and proposed exhibition please email me : artist@lucianahaill.co.uk

Priory meadow aerial skysports


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