artist + software augmenting demolished sites

Before I go further and lay this out in SketchUp3D I thought id show you the lay of the land – I’ve rotated the 1899 map so Devonshire road houses are now at the bottom to match with wonderful aerial photo – those houses now face the rear of the multi storey car park for Priory Meadow shopping centre. It takes time to plan a virtual / digital 3D model of the demolished site .. but this is the imaginative part !

Priory meadow aerial skysports  cricket-ground-zoom2.png

Priory meadow aerial skysports

I will recreate ‘Priory Meadow Cricket Ground’ of  Hastings ( 1864-1996) in 3D with immersive soundtracks, using augmented reality* triggered when viewing special vintage postcards, the experience will happen on all smartphones & all of it will be distributed free. If you fund this project you will be helping me to preserve amazing lost local heritage in digital art for many other people to continue enjoying nostalgic landmarks, and for many generations to come.



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