Vinyl postcards (limited edition)

New funding from The Arts Council received to create ‘Pioneer’ a new apparition bringing Magnus Volk’s seafaring train to life with electrical magic. The new updated app will run on both phone platforms, and be distributed / downloaded for free.

In my series of artwork Apparitions from 2018 (follow on instagram @apparitions_art) I showed how traditional looking postcards can be markers to trigger an Augmented experience. Now I am funded to make my next version which is ‘Pioneer’ about Volks Rail ‘Daddy Long legs’ seafaring train from late C19..I wish to release a commercial item listed on Discogs with an extra level of encoding sound, AR and vintage images – so I will release a new audio made with Junglis Monk & @vj_tokengirl in a limited edition vinyl postcard. Here I demonstrate the technics virtual player to my hero Mark Fisher. #Vinylpostcards