Augmented exhibition & symposium 24.09.22

24/09/2022 – Augmented Art drop in exhibition & symposium

Apparitions app and Pioneer are relaunching with new features and additional assets ( Prince Albert himself ) in this event on Saturday 24th September from 2pm – 9.30pm, held in Ugly Duck, 47-49 Tanner Street, Bermondsey. Free from 2-7pm then tickets for artist talk – information here :

This one-day exhibition showcases the cutting-edge augmented reality artworks of Luciana Haill and is the London premiere of Pioneer, an ambitious, augmented reality (AR) artwork which explores urgent contemporary themes around innovation, hubris and technology elitism through a reflection on Victorian engineering. The work juxtaposes Victorian engineer Magnus Volk’s unique seagoing electric train on stilts called ‘Pioneer’ (nicknamed ‘Daddy Long Legs’ (1896-1901) to contemporary mobile technologies such as augmented reality, 5G and SpaceX’s Starlink satellite network.

Also, on show will be a newly updated version of Haill’s earlier series of augmented reality artworks entitled Apparitions, inspired by three Victorian landmarks lost in wars, storms and during rapid gentrification.

The artworks can be triggered using special apps and images or actually at the sites of lost heritage via geotagging. In the case of Pioneer, the AR artwork is geotagged in such a way that the seagoing train actually appears to travel along the original route of the tracks (between Brighton and Rottingdean) as you walk the coastal path.

The works are accompanied by immersive soundscapes which can be experienced using headphones or a wearable SUBPAC tactile audio system.

The artist, Luciana Haill will be present and happy to demonstrate the works and answer questions.


New apparition “Pioneer” for 2021


In 2018 I launched Apparitions with a special smartphone app for iOS and 3 bygone experiences. Now I have a new addition – the artwork ‘Pioneer’ has been awarded a grant from @ace_national. I will be able to update Apparitions_AR for Android and Apple smartphones adding this latest bygone model and will launch it at @DigitalBrighton in October 2021. It is an ambitious, outdoor, augmented reality artwork exploring urgent contemporary themes around innovation, hubris & technology elitism #AR#Art

Vinyl postcards (limited edition)

New funding from The Arts Council received to create ‘Pioneer’ a new apparition bringing Magnus Volk’s seafaring train to life with electrical magic. The new updated app will run on both phone platforms, and be distributed / downloaded for free.

In my series of artwork Apparitions from 2018 (follow on instagram @apparitions_art) I showed how traditional looking postcards can be markers to trigger an Augmented experience. Now I am funded to make my next version which is ‘Pioneer’ about Volks Rail ‘Daddy Long legs’ seafaring train from late C19..I wish to release a commercial item listed on Discogs with an extra level of encoding sound, AR and vintage images – so I will release a new audio made with Junglis Monk & @vj_tokengirl in a limited edition vinyl postcard. Here I demonstrate the technics virtual player to my hero Mark Fisher. #Vinylpostcards