Press release for Apparitions

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Editors Notes

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* For interviews and further information, contact: or +44 (0)7973286094

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nostalgia for a lost future

Apparitions – a smartphone app that transcends a purely informational use, 3 lost sites reappear with a physical presence anchored to 3 surreal soundtracks, each travelling through time – creating a nostalgia for a lost future.

I am fascinated by the relationship of history, new technologies, memory & dreams. I have researched & collected images of lost landmarks. In my new artworks #Apparitions these augmented reality landmarks are like ghosts which Smartphones can allow us to see. #AR #heritage

The Alley, Hastings – Rock Alley debut of Apparitions ‘AR’ artworks

Apparitions : Alley ( kindly supported by The Alley Association )
This afternoon event invites the general public of all ages to experience Apparitions in the entrance to the alley. This is local artist Luciana Haill’s augmented reality Artwork involving a bespoke iOS application. The public are invited to engage with a long ago demolished piece of architecture that stood in the centre of town where Robertson Street meets Carlisle parade, on the boundary with the America Ground. The 3D model created by a local architectural designer appears to float using ͚augmented reality͛ when looking through the camera application of an iPhone or iPad. It is an immersive experience with an accompanying soundtrack, encouraging a new audience to absorb forgotten histories of Hastings and St Leonards. We have plenty of technology to demonstrate on, don’t worry what smartphone you have, use some of ours.
1pm-5pm The Alley (Rock Alley), Claremont, opposite Printworks, Hastings.
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Imagining a false nostalgia

St Leonards Pier (1891-1951) – come visit us for a pa-rom-pe pom-pe pom and a ‘rinkey dinkey parley vous’  in these anachronistic soundscapes triggered with each postcard. This was the more sophisticated pier, with a ‘Kursaal’ and a skating rink, who would you meet, under the electric lights along this 960 ft long promenade?

Artboard 1

Apparitions is new artwork, employing ‘augmented reality’ to deliver alternate and hauntological versions of sites you have never visited, perhaps already you miss them dearly.

Don’t miss out –  just sign up here and we will email you the download link for the iOS app (free) as soon as it is available.. public release date 01.09.18 – Android is planned too.

The 3 Apparitions triggers

Apparition 1 : Death of a beach hut:


In 1905 there was a huge storm on the south coast which swept all the Bexhill beach huts away, in this Apparition the only survivor is a steel teapot, bobbing about on the shore.
Hear the soundscape of this scene from a voice from the past.

Beach hut target

Apparition 2 : St Leonards Pier

PastedGraphic-1In under 3 minutes you will hear a binaural soundscape spanning the lifetime of this site, its music, wooden floor skating, angling, bowling, paddle steamers and a travelling zoo and storm damage. The model of the pier spectrally floats when viewing this postcard from 1909.

Pier Target.png

Apparition 1 : The Memorial Clocktower, Hastings


A 21 gun salute, a flood so heavy row boats were used to pass by, the first Armistice day, a low flying Messerschmidt plane and exploding clock face, trams, trolley buses, cars and arson, the life of this site is relayed in an immersive binaural 3D soundscape.

Memorial Trigger.png

The project received generous support from Arts Council England, HBC Hastings Museum & Art Gallery, Judge Sampson Ltd postcards and Coastal Currents , DeuXality Games, Kinicho, Alex May , Junglis Monk, Barry Hale, Giorgia Lacey-Colley and Anna Dumitriu. I realised these obliterated sites hold a certain power by their unmarked absence, no blue plaques or souvenirs, they are only visible in local museums and old postcards. Mark Fisher popularised the use of Jacques Derrida’s concept of hauntology to describe a pervasive sense in which contemporary culture is haunted by the “lost futures” of modernity, which failed to occur or were cancelled by postmodernity and neoliberalism.

lottery_Logo_Black RGB

Bringing back the Bygone

The Hastings Observer newspaper has kindly mentioned my artwork Apparitions. Using ‘Augmented Reality’ on their smartphones, the audience are taken back in time with models and soundscapes encapsulating the life span of missing heritage gems in the local area ; St Leonards Pier and Clocktower Memorial.

Two dates for the diary  -19.09.18 and 22.09.18 when you can experience it without knowing how or why, or owning a smartphone. We will show you how and enlighten you with the history, technology and interactive art engagements at The Azur luncheon and free drop in event in Hastings museum.