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Download and print the 3 trigger images yourself here

Coastal Currents

‘Apparitions’ a new artwork by Luciana Hailllottery_Logo_Black RGB


This is a self-selecting, inspirational, immersive art experience in three scenes. I have designed and made a smart phone app that transcends purely informational use, its presence is anchored by 3 surreal soundtracks, each unravelling & travelling through time – ‘bringing back the bygone‘ from 1864-1973


Apparitions launches during coastal currents and from them on continues with legacy into 2019. Artist Luciana Haill, a resident of St Leonards will reveal the research and importantly show you how you can access the artwork at various local events.

05.09.18  Artist’s research keynote slide presentation with assistants for demonstrations, 6-8pm. You will receive the special ‘trigger’ vintage postcards and free downloads of ‘Apparitions’ for iPhone/ iPad.
Printed Matter Bookshop, 185 Queens Road, Hastings TN34 1RG
more information here on facebook


19.09.18 Apparitions, Azur luncheon 12pm-1.30pm
Come along and experience art and augmented reality without knowing how or why, or even owning a smartphone. With assistants you will be shown how to install, explore and then let Apparitions enlighten you with history in technology via interactive art engagements.
The Azur ( downstairs) Marina Pavillion, Marina, Saint Leonards-on-sea TN38 0BU


22.09.18 Bringing back the bygone with surrealism!
Durbar Hall, Hastings museum and Art gallery, 11am-4pm (free)
drop in event to experience Apparitions on our demonstration iPads and smartphones
and to download for yourselves, take away trigger image postcards and make a model of The Albert Memorial with our card / cut-out templates.

Fusebox at Wired Sussex : Augmented Reality human computer interaction techniques

Apparitions recently attended one of Wired Sussex’s excellent FuseBox events. This one was presented by Dr. Diego Martinez Plasencia of Sussex University and Lab Interract and it was organised by Rosaline Hoskins at Wired Sussex.

It was a great event discussing the various new breakthroughs Diego and his colleagues at Lab Interact have been developing regarding Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality human computer interaction techniques. He believes the future isn’t about stereoscopic headsets and gestural data gloves but rather that there is a vast amount of untapped potential.

This had led them to experiment with various techniques producing some very interesting results. Using lenticular displays they were able to create surface viewing for multiple users whilst also allowing personalised information (if you are not familiar with the word lenticular, think of those gifts that would often come free in a cereal box and when you change the angle of perception you get a different visual. This is a more technologically advanced version of the same idea.

They also experimented a lot with fog as a surface to project onto. Such examples including creating soap bubbles which they filled with fog, tracked and projected onto, which through testing and exhibiting proved very popular with children. They also created fog displays that changed in shape they were able to control them using electric fields.

In addition to these they are also working on various other techniques including experiments with AR mirrors. All in all, it was a great event with both some great research on display as well plenty of thought provoking questions from the crowd. I will leave you with this comment.

How do we know that what we see is actually real? What constitutes reality? and if we all see a subjective version of the world around us is there really such a thing as a reality?

A day of beach huts

Whilst lots of people are basking in the 32C heat on the beach half a mile away, or sitting in their beach hut with picnics and Bar-b-queue food relaxing in deck chairs, Ive stayed in the shade an tried to create beach huts with wood and asphalt textures in SketchUp 3D now I have a license for the full version.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 15.26.39

Bringing back the Bygone

The Hastings Observer newspaper has kindly mentioned my artwork Apparitions. Using ‘Augmented Reality’ on their smartphones, the audience are taken back in time with models and soundscapes encapsulating the life span of missing heritage gems in the local area ; St Leonards Pier and Clocktower Memorial.

Two dates for the diary  -19.09.18 and 22.09.18 when you can experience it without knowing how or why, or owning a smartphone. We will show you how and enlighten you with the history, technology and interactive art engagements at The Azur luncheon and free drop in event in Hastings museum.