Image triggering experience

teapotYou hold a postcard. The old metal teapot bobs towards you. You get a sense of itself & its past. The only survivor from a storm that swept all the beach huts out to sea.

Spectral Apparitions, 3D models of sites that did not survive : St Leonards Pier & The Clocktower Memorial

Apparitions at The Azur

I took the ‘Apparitions‘ proof of concept basic model of The Memorial ( clocktower 1864-1974 ) to Lord Brett’s luncheon club where the guests explored it on iPhone and iPad, sometimes the AR appears at weird  tangents and inappropriate places, adding to the surreal exploration. Lots of interesting questions from the guests are leading my research this week with my assistant Callum Sulsh.

I will be returning in September to the luncheon at The Azur in St Leonards, dates tbc.

preparing for coastal currents festival

The new app for smartphones will be live from 01.09.18 for everyone to download from this site, it will enable people to experience the soundscapes and 3D models of both sites and allow themselves to be transported back to surreal moments in local history.

The trigger image are vintage postcards of these sites, and eventually GPS – location based triggering once we fully understand the accessibility of art through sharing some data about their current location especially with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws.


The Palace Pier

Heritage of Hastings & St Leonards in AR : preservation in augmented reality application for smart phones Android and iPhone ( free download in 2018 )

Also known as The Palace Pier and renamed the The New Palace Pier

4652825497_0498787555_bThis image will have embedded AR code for triggering a 3D model

This is Beta testing stage currently